Uganda safari njema

episode 01        getting there

episode 03        source of the nile

episode 05        rwenzori glacier

episode 07        kazinga channel

episode 09        mountain gorillas

april 2009, i journey to the source of the nile and explore the country’s many, vast, and beautiful national parks. it is the land of a 1000 landscapes.

the journey is primitive, hard, frustrating, but most of all exotic and intoxicating. follow me into the the deepest and darkest of africa, where lions prowl the savanna and gorillas hide in the mountain mist. 

lonelyplanet television gives episode 02 two awards: travel tales and destination low down

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episode 02        starting in kampala

episode 04        chimps

episode 06        lions and elephants

episode 08        journey to bwindi

episode 10        journey back